Randy Ingram

Randy Ingram

Randy Ingram

"Randy Ingram is among the vanguard of young jazz pianists on the New York scene.  He plays with finesse, thoughtfulness and passion." –
Fred Hersch

The Road Ahead is the first recorded offering from pianist Randy Ingram, which will be released this fall on Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records.  Ingram is an “incredible pianist"  (composer George Russell), composer and improviser with boundless talent, and the wisdom to use it to the listener’s benefit.  Many players have chops to spare; Ingram’s are laced with an expressive touch and a keen imagination.

Originally from Laguna Beach, CA, and a recipient of the 2007 ASCAP Young Jazz Composer's award, Ingram has received scholarships to the University of Southern California (where he apprenticed with Tierney Sutton, Joe LaBarbera and the great Billy Higgins), and the New England Conservatory, where he studied with his two mentors, Fred Hersch and Danilo Perez, and received his Masters.  Ingram moved to Brooklyn in the Fall of 2003 and has since become a much in demand sideman and a creative force on the scene, working with Ben Monder, Joel Frahm, Joe Locke, Mike Moreno, Kendrick Scott and many others.



The Road Ahead

"The Road Ahead" is my debut record; I feel like it represents the culmination of my time in NYC so far and my work as a sideperson.  But it's also a departure point for me, coinciding with my emergence as a bandleader, and hopefully an indication of how things will play out going forward.

I've always had a broad range of thoughts about what I wanted my own band and own music to sound like, and knew that the best way to really hone in on a vision would be to let things play out organically over time. It took a while for this record to come together, but I’m happy that things evolved the way they did.  I feel fortunate that I was able to find two very supportive trio-mates in Matt Clohesy and Jochen Rueckert that really seem to share my musical sensibilities.  When it came time to record, I knew from playing with him that John Ellis would be a perfect fit.  And the fact that we were basically neighbors at the time didn't hurt, either.


BJUR 010 Randy Ingram - The Road Ahead (320k mp3 download)

Randy Ingram - piano & compositions
Matt Clohesy - bass
Jochen Rueckert - drums & cymbals
John Ellis - tenor saxophone

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