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Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records was born on Jan. 8 2008 as a sister project to the Brooklyn Jazz Underground Collective. With a mix of new and returning artists we aim to represent the current streams of jazz, creative and improvised music from artists connected to New York City,  We take a hands´-off approach to making records, our core principles are artist control, artist ownership, and artist's vision. We are merely a facilitator for the artist in getting the record made and put out to the listening public.

This approach seems to be working, as BJURecords have released 41 albums (with more coming for 2014). They are different in styles but all strong individual and contemporary explorations of today's jazz music. 

Since the beginning we have had a great relationship with RedCat Publicity, who publicises all our releases. We pride ourselves of giving our artists equal treatment, and we don't differ in attention and promotional efforts.   

Already in 2011 did BJURecords make it into the Downbeat Readers Poll, where we were among the top 10 labels, and we are now an established independent, artist run and artist driven jazz label. Media, reviewers and audiences know that we stand for quality and new and established releases with high artistic profile.

If you are a composer, musician and bandleader, and interested in working with us, feel free to send us an email. If you are a fan of our artists we encourage you to go to our store page and support them the way you best can. If you are interested in booking one of our artists for a venue, please contact our in-house booking agency, through the Booking-tap in the menu. 

And no matter who you are, do go and see our artists perform live.  Jazz music is a alive and in constant development, it is always new, and you will never be at risk of hearing a repeat of the CDs you listen to at home.  This is why jazz music is so exciting!


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We also tweet when we are in the mood: @BJURecords