Daniel Foose is a bassist, composer and producer, who lives in New York City. With his nimble ear, strong groove, and inventive improvisations and compositions, Daniel is at home in many musical settings. He has performed and recorded alongside some of the most notable musicians in the world including Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Kenny Werner, John McNeil, John Riley, Oscar Castro-Neves, Matt Wilson, Dave Binney, Nir Felder, Shawn Pelton, Wycliffe Gordon, Brad Shepik, Dave Eggar, Diane Moser, Cynthia Scott, Gilad Heckselman, and Billy Drewes, among many others. In addition to leading his own group, Of Water and Ghosts, and co-leading The Gold Magnolias, he is currently working as a member of many bands of various styles including The Brian Newman Quintet, The Brooklyn Jazz Orchestra, The Tammy Scheffer Sextet, Kelsey Jillette’s Americas Project, Professor Cunningham and his Old School, The Manhattan Dolls, The Nightingale Jazz Band, Fluer Seule, Svetlana and the Delancy Five, and the Nobuki Takamen Trio. He has toured Europe, Asia, and throughout North America and been twice awarded third place at the International Society of Bassists' jazz competition in 2013 and 2005. Daniel has performed at many of the worlds most notable venues including, Lincoln Center, The Blue Note, The Iridium, 55 Bar, Smalls, The Lenox Lounge, and the North Sea Jazz Festival. 


In 2015 bassist/composer Daniel Foose returned to his ancestral home of the Mississippi Delta to write an album of music at the crossroads of history, race, and the natural world. Joining Foose on this genre-defying, adventurous and beautiful album, of Water and Ghosts, is Sebastian Noelle on guitar, Keita Ogawa on percussion, Tomoko Omura and Maria Im on violin, Allyson Clare on viola and Jennifer DeVore on cello. "This ensemble, also called 'of Water and Ghosts', is a new outlet for my compositions. It consists of a traditional string quartet with percussion, guitar, and acoustic bass. The name refers to the historic forces that shaped the Mississippi Delta where this music was conceived and composed. It is an area where floods are regular, and fortunes are made and lost based on how much rain one may get in a particular season. Water has always been carving its way through the humanity of that place since it was first inhabited by people over 5000 years ago. In addition to these natural forces, the forces of war, race, slavery, and history imbue this area with ghosts of the past that affect people in conscious and unconscious ways to this day. It is a land rich with stories and I hope to reflect that sense of story telling through this ensemble," said Foose.