Nadav Remez

Nadav Remez

Nadav Remez

Guitarist Nadav Remez is one of today's emerging voices on the Jazz scene, and his music is gaining the attention of both fans and music critics worldwide. His melodic abilities on the guitar have been described as “haunting”, and his music as an intriguing combination of modern Jazz, Alternative Rock and Jewish Folk. Growing up in Israel, Nadav's musical education took a critical turn at the Thelma Yellin high school for the arts, known for producing well-known international jazz musicians. There, Nadav was exposed to many varieties of musical traditions, both western and eastern, that allowed him to form his own unique musical vision.

Nadav received a full scholarship to attend the Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2005, and in 2007 he was invited to participate in the prestigious Montreux Gibson Jazz guitar competition, where he was selected as a semi-finalist. In 2008, Nadav continued his studies at the New England Conservatory, where he studied with the likes of Miguel Zénon, Billy Hart and George Garzone. He quickly became one of busiest musicians in the area, as he collaborated with notable musicians such as Myron Walden and Jamey Haddad, and performed at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals, including the Blue Note in New York and the Nancy Jazz Pulsations in France. During that time, he started writing music for his first album as a leader, and in June 2011, Nadav and his band went into the studio to record a concept album with nine songs which sum up his latest life experiences, put into musical form. On his upcoming long-awaited debut release, ‘So Far’, the guitarist manages to fuse his musical influences in a fresh and innovative way. The band features some of the most talented and sought-after musicians on the jazz scene today, including James Wylie, Steve Brickman, Shai Maestro, Avri Borochov, Ziv Ravitz and Itamar Borochov. Released on April 15th, 2011, 'So Far' will be available worldwide in both digital and physical formats, and is to be followed by a US release tour at venues such as Smalls (NY), Chris' Jazz Café (Philadelphia) and Twins Jazz (DC).

Nadav Remez: So Far

Featuring James Wylie (alto saxophone & clarinet), Steve Brickman (tenor saxophone), Shai Maestro (piano, rhodes, organ), Avri Borochov (bass), Ziv Ravitz (drums) and special guest Itamar Borochov (trumpet).

“So Far' is guitarist Nadav Remez's long-awaited debut release, and presents nine new original pieces that draw influences from modern jazz, alternative rock as well as jewish and middle-eastern folk. It may be called a concept album, as the order of songs as well as the connection between them reveals a bigger picture. The songs on 'So Far' lead into one another just like chapters in a story with a beginning, middle and end. The improvised solos also correspond to this concept, and starting the second song, each pair of songs features a different soloist, like characters that appear in different parts of a fairy tale. 

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BJUR 023 Nadav Remez - So Far (320k mp3 download)

Nadav Remez - guitar & compositions
James Wylie - alto saxophone & clarinet
Steve Brickman - tenor saxophone
Shai Maestro
 - piano, rhodes, organ
Avri Borochov - bass
Ziv Ravitz - drums 
special guest Itamar Borochov - trumpet

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