Two new albums from Anne Mette Iversen

On April 28th bassist and composer Anne Mette Iversen have two new albums available. 'Round Trip' with her long running New York quartet, but now in quintet format with the addition of the Swedish trombonist Peter Dahlgren; plus her group Ternion Quartet, with an album also named 'Ternion Quartet' which is the debut recording from her Berlin based group. Exciting music from both groups. 

ROUND TRIP: Originally the meaning of ‘round trip’ was to return to the starting point via a different road. Anne Mette explains, “when I wrote the tune 'Round Trip’, it was about a deep and heartfelt wish I had to return to my two sons, who I had left in another country for a few days. As this album and this music came about, ‘round trip’ then became a key idea for the album. In the sense of coming home, it describes the feeling I have every time I play with this group. It refers to the many (round) trips we have taken together over the years, but also how much we have grown as a band, musicians and persons, and how we, no matter where each one of us is placed in the world, get together to make music and share our experiences. Even on a personal level I see the many round trips in our journey through life and music.” Round Trip is simply jazz on a high level, a feeling of unity and togetherness that can be otherwise hard to find. 

The TERNION QUARTET plays music that is energetic and fun. Like fireworks; the music offers a tremendous display of colors and moods. Rooted in the tradition of jazz, swing and improvisation, the compositions give ample room for the virtuosic improvisers to express their creative personality; and with the experience, maturity and flexibility of the musicians the music can change direction on the fly and is constantly new, fresh and renewed again. Compositionally the music is based on a linear and horizontal concept, allowing the individual instruments' melodies to conduct the harmonic map, whenever that is desired. The aim is for the full emotional spectrum of being human to be expressed by these outstanding musicians and improvisers.