Happy New Year!

2013 was a great year, with many great critically-acclaimed releases. We look forward to 2014; we will be releasing fantastic music from new and returning BJUR artists. Stay tuned!

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BJUR Booking first flight

To further our goal of serving our artists and having their music heard around the world, we have started BJUR Booking, based in Berlin, Germany. With their help, the BJU Ensemble recently completed a successful tour of Spain.  

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The launch

of the new BJUR website coincides with the new booking agency going full force on booking BJUR artists for 2014. 

We have also recently launched our Facebook page, our Tumblr page that focuses on our current Booking Roster and we are now on Twitter, although no-one has tweeted yet!

We are considering getting out of Spotify!!! and maybe other online streaming services as well.  

The BJUR Booking Agency is thriving, swimming around in million contacts and joggling everything. WE are so excited they are with us! 

And then we will write a whole lot of other nonsense soon, to full up space. 

Thank you! 

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